It has been said there are only two things you never want to see happen in person…the inner workings of the legislature and a sausage factory…we may now have to add snowmobile rule making to the list. While we won’t go into the details (we will leave that to those two crackpot TearDown journalists Goodwood and Beerstein in an upcoming print issue of OSM) it seems that COR Powersports is going independent this winter, leaving the International Snowmobile Racing (ISR) rule making association behind. The split stems from a 30% insurance premium increase for a policy ISR requires its race affiliates to carry. Shocked by the cost, the folks at COR read the fine print of the ISR rule book and learned they could source and submit their own policy so as long as it offered the same or better coverage. COR Powersports did just that but was still turned down by ISR brass. The reason it was rejected is unknown, but COR Powersports has decided “…being a member of ISR for the 2012/2013 season si no longer in the best interests for COR Powersports.”  View the entire letter from COR Powersports below:

2012-2013 COR Powersports Schedule

December 15 – Ski Brule, Iron River, MI (Course: Mileage 10+ of fields, fire roads, & technical woods)
January 5 – Summit Lake Game Farm, Stone Lake, WI (Course:15+ miles of woods, fire roads, lake, powerline, and technical woods)
January 19 – Lakeside Bar & Grill, Poynette, WI (Course: 15+ miles all lake)
February 2 – Birch Island Resort, Phillips, WI (Course: 7+ miles lake with an island crossing)
March 2 – Telemark Resort, Cable, WI (Course: 7+ miles of technical woods)

To whom it may concern,
We at Cor PowerSports are notifying our sponsors, racers, and fans that as of today our organization will no longer be an ISR affiliated circuit for the 2012/2013 season due to the substantial increase in insurance premiums through the ISR mandated policy.
We were notified in September that there was a premium increase of over a 30% for the policy that we are required to carry as an ISR affiliate so we decided to review our options. We could raise fees to offset the expense on to our racers or maintain the foundation of our series and keep it affordable. We decided to stay true to our beliefs as one of the premier grass roots cross country race series and keep the costs of racing as low as we possibly could.
So with that decision we started the search for an insurance carrier that could help us secure a policy that would meet ISR requirements so we could submit it for approval to maintain our ISR affiliate status. Our agent did secure a policy for our series that not only meets BUT exceeded the ISR requirements so we started the process to get ISR approval of our policy. Our insurance agent submitted the policy to the ISR organization for approval and after more than a month we were told it was turned down…
It has become clear to us that for our ministry, race series, and most importantly for our racers that being a member of ISR for the 2012/2013 season is no longer in the best interests for Cor PowerSports.
We wanted to inform all of our sponsors and racers the reason behind the decision and we know that in the end we are doing what is best for our racers.
Todd Myers
Cor PowerSports