The buzz surrounding the return of snowmobiles to Winter X games has clearly been the talk of the racing community since promoter and Winter X organizer Joe Duncan made the announcement just days before Haydays. Immediately following the news, speculation of one or possibly two qualifying races to determine the field of competitors in snocross, speed and style, freestyle, best trick, and the new hero adaptive class was running rampant. However it seems as if egos, stubbornness, and money have gotten in the way this year, and no qualifiers will be held. Instead, a panel of ESPN and snowmobile racing aficionados will select the final field of athletes for Winter X 2013. Here are the initial selections, with more to be announced in mid-December. Watch for future details.

SNOCROSS: Tucker Hibbert, Levi LaVallee, Tim Tremblay, Ross Martin, Robbie Malinoski, Darrin Mees, Kody Kamm, Emil Ohman, Logan Christian, Justin Broberg, Cody Thomsen, Kyle Pallin.

SNOCROSS HERO ADAPTIVE: Mike Schultz, Jim Wazney, Doug Henry, Paul Thacker.

FREESTYLE: Colton Moore, Joe Parsons, Caleb Moore, Levi LaVallee, Justin Hoyer, Daniel Bodin.

SPEED N STYLE: Joe Parsons, Heath Frisby, Cory Davis, Levi LaVallee.

BEST TRICK: Heath Frisby