The debut of the United States X-Country circuit this past weekend in northern Minnesota was a homecoming of sorts for cross-country racing. The natural terrain competition has often been regarded as the truest form of snowmobile racing, and after two successful stints atop the snowmobile racing pecking order, cross-country is poised to come roaring back once again. This past weekend, Pine Lake near the small town of Gonvick, Minnesota kicked off the season at a venue that has been showing the hand of speed since 1987. With nearly 300 entries an more than 220 sleds on tap, it was clear cross country is alive, well and on the charge. Here what is looked like from our vantage point and who won big.

PRO-STOCK: 1- Ryan Simons (Cat); 2. Zach Herfindahl (Cat); 3. Brian Dick (Cat)

PRO-OPEN: 1. Ryan Simons (Cat); 2. Brian Dick (Cat); 3. Zach Herfindahl (Cat)

SEMI-PRO OPEN: 1. Jon Arneson (Cat); 2. Travis Faust (Pol); 3. Tyler Johnsrud (Cat)

SEMI-PRO IMPROVED: 1. Ben Lindbom (Yam); 2. Tyler Johnsrud (Cat); 3. Travis Faust (Pol)