If you are even remotely in the know when it comes to 120 snowmobile racing you know this…it’s crazy expensive. Once junior is ready for more than stock, (which doesn’t take long) the wallet needs to open up and it’s not unusual to sink more than $10,000 big ones into a little one. But recently, thanks to a rule change and some harmony with Briggs & Stratton, a complete bolt-in, factory sealed motor from the Briggs kids has made 120 speed and reliability a much cheaper proposition. The factory Briggs & Stratton retails for about $675 and produces nearly 9-horsepower, a big step up from the stock sub-4-horspower most 120’s produce. In just one season, the “Briggs Class” has taken off and now our friends from Speedwerx will make “getting into” the 206 even easier.

The Speedwerx crew has purchased a few truck loads of Arctic Cat 120 sleds as well as a matching set of 206 engines and presto, the Speedwerx 206RR was born. The sled comes equipped with the Briggs and Stratton 206 engine installed, along with complimentary exhaust, clutching and gearing; everything you need for junior to go “next level racing” this season. Best of all, the ready to race sled is priced at just $3,599. Check out the video of the 206RR in action courtesy of Livingston’s Arctic Cat, which is one of the first dealers in the North America to receive the Speedwerx 206RR. Check the Speedwerx Website for more updates soon.