If you’ve been longing for the top-shelf KYB Pro 40 shocks found on by the consumer XRS and race track purpose built 600RS sleds from Ski-Doo, but couldn’t afford the big ticket price for the entire sled…how about just the shocks? Ski-Doo recently  announced a kit version of the same high-end dampers for your “older” or “lesser” equipped buggy. At $2,499.99 (US)/$2,899.99 (Can), the price tag is still plenty steep, but far below the $13K plus sticker for the entire sled. Here’s the official pitch from Ski-Doo:

Valcourt, QC, October 24, 2012 – BRP is making their top of line shock absorbers available for more models in the Ski-Doo snowmobile line-up with the new X-RS shock conversion kit. These are the same KYB Pro 40 shocks issued as standard equipment on both the MX Z x 600RS race sled and the X-RS trail sleds, and fit 120” rMotion equipped sleds with the Quick Adjust System.

There are many high quality shocks available in today’s market place, but few can match the track record and quality that these KYB shocks offer. KYB is a major supplier of suspension components to both snowmobile and motorcycle manufacturers; many will recognize their motocross heritage as several of the manufacturers and race teams use them in the toughest conditions, with their fastest products and riders.

XRS Shock Conversion Kit 860200922 $2499.99 USD/$2899.99 CAD

The kit is complete with all parts needed for a quick, easy installation. The front shocks are KYB Pro 40R models offering both compression and rebound adjustment, while the centre and rear are Pro 40’s offering easy single knob compression adjustment. Springs are included for the front and centre shocks. The pricing is very competitive with other quality brand shocks while offering snocross proven performance and durability plus the calibration is already set-up for your sled.