Polaris takes aim to win races, events, class and world championships with the release of the 2021 600R. The new 600R is continuing to be built on the Axys R platform this season, featuring Polaris’s Race Front Suspension and a 136” RX2 rear suspension with race inspired Walker Evans Racing Velocity Shocks. Through the position sensitive needle and tuned remote reservoir, the Velocity shocks are able to offer more bottom out resistance for the “un-smooth” or “coming up short” landings.  Suspension tuners will continue to be able to make adjustments to both, high and low speed compression and rebound while track-side.

The biggest news for the 2021 Polaris 600R is the new 600 race built engine which has the purpose of winning races. The low inertia design features lightweight internals, new intake and exhaust porting, and also comes to the track with a new EFI system featuring 48 mm throttle bodies that create more power and help with holeshots and top speed. The mill has a 10 horsepower gain at the peak, and an 18 horsepower gain in the midrange from the previous Polaris 600 race engine. These horsepower gains should be noticeable around the entire track.

Other returning features from the 2020 600R is the 136” Snocross track, C&A Pro Skis, one piece heat exchanger with tunnel venting, and a Hayes brake system.

“The 600R is a proven, race winning chassis that leads the pack in handling and rider ergonomics. For the 2021 season, the powertrain was our primary focus, and that resulted in our brand new, purpose built 600 race engine,” said Tom Rager, Jr., Polaris Race Manager.

New 600 race engine comes to the table with 10 HP more at the peak, and an 18 HP gain in the mid range

 To smooth out the toughest terrain is the Polaris Race Front Suspension, featuring adjustable Walker Evans Racing Velocity Shocks, and C&A Pro Skis.

Out back, below the lightweight tunnel is the RX2 Rear Suspension, a 136” Snocross track, and a one-piece heat exchanger with tunnel venting.